Interference Mitigation and Measurement Quality Assessment for Multi-Antenna GNSS Receivers

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This research focuses on performance improvement of antenna array based GNSS receivers under interference with focus on code and carrier phase measurements. Despite the remarkable amount of research on antenna array processing in wireless communications, application of these techniques to GNSS has not been studied extensively. In the case of GNSS, apart from interference mitigation, it is important to generate good estimates of code and carrier phase measurements. Array based processing techniques induce measurement distortions in the presence of interference, which is not acceptable for high precision carrier phase based applications, an issue that is not relevant for communications. An extensive analysis of GNSS measurement and position quality is performed. In order to analyze performance in a controlled environment, a novel method of simulating multi-antenna GNSS signals is proposed, with simulation of different types of electronic interference and multipath. The simulator is tested for high fidelity applications and is used to characterize measurement distortions. The performance of different beamforming techniques is evaluated in specular multipath conditions using simulated and actual data. It is shown that significant reduction in multipath errors can be obtained using a practically realizable antenna array by using the receiver processing approaches suggested herein. Calibration is the first step towards implementing many distortionless beamforming techniques. Yet, calibration using actual signals is challenging in multipath environments. A method is proposed and tested to reduce calibration parameter estimation errors in multipath environments. Finally, array based receiver measurement and position distortions are evaluated under different electronic interference using simulated and actual data.
Engineering--Aerospace, Engineering--Electronics and Electrical, Geotechnology
Vagle, N. (2016). Interference Mitigation and Measurement Quality Assessment for Multi-Antenna GNSS Receivers (Doctoral thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from doi:10.11575/PRISM/26613