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Title: An Effort towards Assessment of e-Healthcare Service Quality
Authors: PalaniNatharaja, M.
Wadhwa, S.
Deshmukh, S.G.
Keywords: eHealth;India;Quality of Care;Evaluation
Issue Date: 6-Apr-2005
Publisher: Presented at Med-e-tel 2005 Conference in Luxembourg.
Abstract: Effects and Benefits of eHealth: Lessons Learned in Four Continents: Ehealthcare is a phenomenal growth in the healthcare service by using the Information and Communication Technologies. The services offered electronically by the healthcare agencies are exploring the ways to provide the quality services to the patients. There are no established standards to offer these services. This presentation tries to establish the factors, which affects the quality of ehealthcare services. The established model in the e-service sector and service marketing has been translated into the e-healthcare quality model.
Description: This presentation was given at the Med-e-tel 2005 Conference in Luxembourg on April 6th, 2005.
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