Medical Decision Support Systems Using Analytic Hierarchy Process: A Case Study of Malaria Diagnosis

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Presented at Med-e-tel 2005 Conference in Luxembourg.
Decision Support Systems in eHealth: Research efforts in decision support systems for medical diagnosis have focused on hypothesis testing and management of uncertainties and imprecision, with a view to achieving efficiency and effectiveness in the diagnostic process. Medical diagnosis involves a complex decision process, especially when the disease has multiple symptoms. Malaria is one of such diseases that involve the multidimensional analysis of diagnostic variables, and whose incidence has a ravaging effect on the world's population, especially in the tropics. Various world agencies have attempted to pay attention to the diagnosis, treatment and control of malaria. The development of tools to assist in the management of malaria has become imperative. In this study, decision support system for diagnosis of malaria is proposed using the analytic hierarchy process.
This presentation was given at the Med-e-tel 2005 Conference in Luxembourg on April 7th, 2005.
Decision Support Tools, Case Study, Research