Recent Submissions

  • Problem gambling prevalence in the Oregon criminal justice system: Internal report 

    Moore, Thomas L. (Oregon Health Authority, Herbert & Louis, LLC,, 2018-06)
    The intention of this project was to provide a baseline estimate of the prevalence of gambling and gambling problems in the DOC prison populations. The study design was a rudimentary survey format from an opportunity ...
  • BCLC’s voluntary self-exclusion program from the perspectives and experiences of program participants 

    Cohen, Irwin M.; Davies, Garth (Centre for Public Safety & Criminal Justice Research, University of the Fraser Valley, University of the Fraser Valley, 2016-01)
    The main objective of this current study is to review BCLC’s Voluntary Self-Exclusion (VSE) program from the perspectives of participants.
  • Annual report 2017-18, Alberta Gambling Research Institute 

    Alberta Gambling Research Institute (Alberta Gambling Research Institute, Alberta Gambling Research Institute, 2018-12-05)
  • Gaming micro-transactions for chance-based items 

    Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications, Parliament of Australia (Parliament of Australia, Parliament of Australia,, 2018-11)
    The Senate referred the following matter to the Environment and Communications References Committee for inquiry and report: The extent to which gaming micro-transactions for chance-based items, sometimes referred to as ...
  • CGA Research Summit: 2016 Research 

    Canadian Gaming Association; Ipsos (Canadian Gaming Association, Publisher's version, 2016-01)
    The overall objective of this research was to provide insight into how Canadian casinos can improve the overall offer to not only keep their current visitors returning, but to also appeal to those who are not currently ...
  • Casino Gaming in Canada: The Opinions of Community Leaders 

    HLT Advisory (Canadian Gaming Association, HLT Advisory, Publisher's version, 2015-01)
    The 2015 Opinions of Community Leaders Study (Study) is the first examination undertaken by the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) of the perceptions of civic and Community Leaders who agreed to have casinos developed in ...
  • Research reveals ... : an update on gambling research in Alberta, 2018-2019 

    Alberta Gambling Research Institute (Alberta Gambling Research Institute, Alberta Gambling Research Institute, 2019-01)
  • Alberta Gambling Research Institute Conference 2018: Current Issues in Gambling Research 

    Binde, Per; Christensen, Darren; Delfabbro, Paul; Dixon, Mike; Euston, David; Gainsbury, Sally; Hodgins, David; Johnson, Mark; Kairouz, Sylvia; Kim, Hyoun S. (Andrew); Leonard, Carrie; Manitowabi, Darrel; McGrath, Daniel; Mishra, Sandeep; Nicoll, Fiona; Parke, Jonathan; Smith, Garry; Stewart, Sherry; Volberg, Rachel; Wahsquonaikezhik, Sheila; Williams, Robert; Yakovenko, Igor (Alberta Gambling Research Institute, Publisher's version, 2018-04)
    The Alberta Gambling Research Institute's 17th Annual Conference "Current Issues in Gambling Research" took place April 12-14, 2018 @ The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Opening reception the evening of April 12, 2018.
  • 2015 Northern Territory Gambling Prevalence and Wellbeing Survey 

    Stevens, Matthew (Charles Darwin University, Menzies School of Health Research, Charles Darwin University, Publisher's version, 2017-04)
    This report presents the first release of findings from the second population level gambling prevalence survey done in the Northern Territory (NT), some 10 years after the first. The information contained in this report ...
  • Business Plan 2018/21, Alberta Gambling Research Institute 

    Alberta Gambling Research Institute (Alberta Gambling Research Institute, Alberta Gambling Research Institute, Publisher's version, 2017-12-06)

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