The Faculty of Arts is home to one of the most multidisciplinary academic communities on campus. From neuroscience, through ancient languages to choreography and music and drama composition, our researchers and students lead critical and creative research inquiry that engages communities and fosters innovation, leadership and creative practice. Composed of 12 departments and two schools, our faculty fosters a culture of critical and creative inquiry, debate, imagination, discovery and entrepreneurial thinking. Our vision for energizing arts is to engage, inspire, discover. Continue reading to find out more about research in the Faculty of Arts.

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  • Zur Gehorsamskritik im Burgtheater des Vormärz. Friedrich Halm, Eduard von Bauernfeld und der österreichische Liberalismus um 1848 

    Wagner, Martin (Wiley, Arts, School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures, University of Calgary,, acceptedVersion, 2020-08-15)
    Dieser Aufsatz widmet sich der Gehorsamskritik in den Komödien zweier der populärsten Burgtheaterautoren des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts, Friedrich Halm und Eduard von Bauernfeld. Dabei wird gezeigt, dass sowohl in Halms ...
  • Validation of the Preschool Attachment Rating Scales with child-mother and child-father dyads 

    Deneault, Audrey-Ann; Bureau, Jean-François; Yurkowski, Kim; Moss, Ellen (Taylor and Francis / Routledge, Arts, Psychology, University of Ottawa, University of Calgary,, acceptedVersion, 2019-03-15)
    Growing evidence points to the theoretical and statistical advantages of continuous (rather than categorical) assessments of child-caregiver attachment. The Preschool Attachment Rating Scales (PARS) is a continuous coding ...
  • Fear of Failure Mediates the Relation Between Parental Psychological Control and Academic Outcomes: A Latent Mediated-Moderation Model of Parents' and Children's Genders 

    Deneault, Audrey-Ann; Gareau, Alexandre; Bureau, Jean-François; Gaudreau, Patrick; Lafontaine, Marie-France (Springer, Arts, Psychology, University of Calgary, University of Ottawa,, acceptedVersion, 2020-02-21)
    Given the negative relations between parental psychological control and various aspects of emerging adults' social and emotional adaptation, there is a need to determine whether similar relations exist for emerging adults' ...
  • Navigating and Owning Obedience: Reassessing Friedrich Halm's Griseldis 

    Wagner, Martin (Johns Hopkins University Press, Arts, School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures, University of Calgary,, acceptedVersion, 2020-05)
    This article critically reappraises the drama Griseldis (1835), the successful first play of the today largely forgotten Viennese playwright Friedrich Halm. I argue that the comparison between this play and its possible ...
  • Numa and Jupiter: Whose Smile Is It, Anyway? 

    Driediger-Murphy, Lindsay G. (Cambridge University Press, Classical Association, Arts, Classics and Religion, University of Calgary,, acceptedVersion, 2021-06-14)
    This article examines the Roman tradition that Numa once negotiated with Jupiter about human sacrifice. Complete versions of the myth survive in Ovid, Plutarch and Arnobius (citing Valerius Antias). Previous studies of ...
  • Wer war Friedrich Halm? Zum Pseudonym von Eligius von Münch-Bellinghausen 

    Wagner, Martin; Slipp, Richard (Arts, School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures, acceptedVersion, 2020-06-19)
    Wie in diesem Beitrag erstmals gezeigt wird, bezog sich der erfolgreiche Burgtheaterautor Eligius von Münch-Bellinghausen (1806-1871) bei der Wahl seines Pseudonyms Friedrich Halm sehr wahrscheinlich auf Karl Holds Roman ...
  • Logical Time in Austen's Persuasion: Desire and the Unproductive Anxious Interval 

    Michalski, Isabelle; Sigler, David (Routledge, Arts, English, University of Calgary, publishedVersion, 2021-06-16)
    This essay reads Jane Austen’s Persuasion in light of Jacques Lacan’s essay “Logical Time and the Assertion of Anticipated Certainty.” We weigh the glances exchanged between characters in a chain of four episodes from the ...
  • Dual systems of sequents and tableaux for many-valued logics 

    Baaz, Matthias; Fermüller, Christian G.; Zach, Richard (European Association for Theoretical Computer Science, Arts, Philosophy, University of Calgary, Technische Universität Wien,, publishedVersion, 1993-01)
    The aim of this paper is to emphasize the fact that for all finitely-many-valued logics there is a completely systematic relation between sequent calculi and tableau systems. More importantly, we show that for both of these ...
  • Recent Developments in Second Language Instruction: A Literature Review on Explicit Phonetic Instruction 

    Li, Qiuchen; Ma, Yue; O'Brien, Mary (Second Language and Intercultural Council (Alberta Teachers' Association), Arts, Linguistics, Languages & Cultures, University of Calgary, 2021-05)
    Recent years have witnessed dramatic change in the area of second language teaching and a growing demand for effective language programs (Burns and Richards 2012). Second language teachers face many challenges, and ...
  • When Anne Frank Met Astro Boy: Drawing the Holocaust through Manga 

    Whaley, Ben (Duke University Press, Arts, School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures, University of Calgary, acceptedVersion, 2020-11-01)
    This article examines the evolution and impact of Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl on postwar manga (print comics) and Japanese visual culture. The author argues that Anne’s enduring legacy in Japan, dating back to ...

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