Recent Submissions

  • Modelling the impact of unemployment on Calgary Food Bank usage 

    Mercado, Joseph (Science, Mathematics & Statistics, University of Calgary, 2017-11-30)
    If unemployment increases by one percent, how much more food will the Calgary Food Bank (CFB) distribute? CFB serves the city’s working poor, unemployed, and vulnerable. A predictive model was created, which also describes ...
  • Enhancing course development through conversations 

    Gilbert, Brian T; Musgrove-Richer, Amanda; Sandblom, Nicole (Science, Chemistry, University of Calgary, 2017-11-30)
    As many undergraduates in the Faculty of Science know, the unit on buffer systems in first year chemistry is one of the toughest parts of the course. However, despite this difficulty being commonly seen, there is still a ...
  • Trading Spaces: The Archaeology of Interaction, Migration, and Exchange 

    Patton, Margaret; Manion, Jessica (Chacmool Archaeology Association,, Faculty of Arts, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Calgary, 2017-11-03)
    The 46th Annual Chacmool Archaeology Conference, “Trading Spaces: The Archaeology of Interaction, Migration, and Exchange” focused on the exchange of goods and ideas between people, contributing to the development of new ...
  • War & Peace: Conflict and Resolution in Archaeology 

    Benfer, Adam K. (Chacmool Archaeology Association, Faculty of Arts, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Calgary, 2017-11-02)
    The 45th annual Chacmool Archaeology Conference, "War and Peace: Conflict and Resolution in Archaeology," continued the tradition of discussing problems and new innovations in the field of archaeology at the University of ...
  • Abstracts from the 2017 Sebastian K. Littmann Research Day 

    Various Authors (University of Calgary, Medicine, Psychiatry, University of Calgary, 2017-03-03)
    These are abstracts from the 30th Annual Sebastian K. Littmann Research Day
  • Showcasing New Library Spaces 

    Mischo, William; Schlembach, Mary; Cabada, Elisandro (University of Calgary, 2016-09-19)
    Showcasing New Library Spaces II: The IDEA Lab at the Grainger Engineering Library Information Center
  • Pre-Conferences Morning Session 

    Waters, Timothy (University of Calgary, 2016-09-18)
    Technology Supporting Teaching and Learning Transformation
  • PRECONFERENCE 2: Digital Displays for Visualization, Engagement, and Learning 

    Nutt, Mike (University of Calgary, 2016-09-18)
    This preconference takes place in the new Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning and includes a tour of the building. Participants will learn about the vision for the building, its architecture, design, and technology ...
  • Rethinking the Organization as you Redesign Space 

    Mavrinac, Mary Ann (University of Calgary, 2016-09-20)
    Rethinking the Organization As You Redesign Space
  • Makerspaces in Motion 

    Rogers, Adam (University of Calgary, 2016-09-19)
    A Makerspace Program: Broadening the Impact

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