The Health Telematics Unit was a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, researchers, educators, learners, students, and partners who fostered and encouraged innovative quality research, evaluation, consultation, teaching, and service in the area of telehealth. This was the first program of its kind in Canada to combine a research program, using the latest advances in telehealth research and evaluation, with a training program.

Recent Submissions

  • Activity Metrics 

    Topps, David (Medicine, OHMES, University of Calgary, 2017-10-16)
    Activity metrics, based on the Experience API (xAPI) allow you to track what your learners really do, not what their teachers say they do.
  • DynIA: Dynamically Informed Allegories 

    Topps, David; Taenzer, Paul; Armson, Heather; Carr, Eloise (University of Calgary, Medicine, 2015-03-05)
    An important strategy for improving population health is to use what we learn from medical research in our patient care. One approach to this is using the highest quality medical research to make recommendations and guide ...
  • Digital Professionalism 

    Topps, David; Powelson, Susan (University of Calgary, Medicine, 2013-09-26)
    Exploring some of the issues around being a professional in today's digital world.
  • Repurposing Virtual Patients for Scenario Based Learning 

    Topps, David; Sharma, Nishan; Lee, Sonya; Aboulhoda, Alaa (University of Calgary, Medicine, 2013-09-26)
    How to use existing virtual patient cases to expand into scenario based learning activities.
  • Virtual Patients 

    Topps, David; Sylvester, Michael; Lee, Sonya (University of Calgary, Medicine, 2011-11-05)
    The session will be a hands-on workshop giving each participant access to their own live Open Labyrinth account. Participants will familiarize themselves with the program by following step-by-step instructions to build ...
  • Performance Review Branch: CIDA Evaluation Guide, 2004 

    Jones, Robert C.; Stanley, Chris (Canadian International Development Agency, 2004)
  • East York Telehomecare Project 

    Atack, Lynda; Duff, Diane (CANARIE Inc., 2004-11)
  • Patients' and Nurses' Experiences with Telehomecare: Results of a Research Study 

    Atack, Lynda; Duff, Diane (Canadian Society of Telehealth, 2005-09)
  • Canada's Health Care Providers 

    Canadian Institute for Health Information (Canadian Institute for Health Information, 2002-01)
  • Social Capital as a Public Policy Tool: Project Report 

    Government of Canada; Policy Research Initiative (Government of Canada, Policy Research Initiative, 2005-09)

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