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  • Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 29, Fall 2016 

    Lee, JeongEun; Burkinshaw, Kelly; Chow, Una Y.; Windsor, Joseph W. (University of Calgary, Arts, Linguistics, Languages and Culture, University of Calgary, 2016)
  • Mismatches between European Portuguese lexical and phonological words 

    Burkinshaw, Kelly D. (University of Calgary, Arts, Linguistics, Languages and Culture, University of Calgary, 2016)
    This paper analyzes sandhi phenomena in European Portuguese in which coda consonants in word-final position are resyllabified to become onsets in two ways: by epenthesis when they occur at utterance boundaries (excluding ...
  • L2 transfer of stress, tones, and intonation from Mandarin: A case study 

    Chow, Una Y. (University of Calgary, Arts, Linguistics, University of Calgary, 2016)
    This study examined the prosodic patterns of Mandarin, Cantonese, and English in order to address the question: Will a native speaker of Mandarin acquire Cantonese intonation more easily than English intonation? According ...
  • Subject contact relatives: A cross-dialectal approach 

    Williamson, Sara (University of Calgary, Arts, University of Calgary, 2016)
    This paper advances a Minimalist structural account of subject contact relatives, such as I met a man _ can speak five languages, which are common to Belfast English and Ulster Scots but unacceptable in Standard British ...
  • Contrast, phonological features, and phonetic implementation: Aspiration in Blackfoot 

    Windsor, Joey (University of Calgary, Arts, Linguistics, University of Calgary, 2016)
    Blackfoot is generally regarded as lacking phonological contrasts based on laryngeal settings; it is typically analyzed as lacking aspiration, voiced obstruents, and the segment [h] (see Elfner 2006 or Frantz 2009). The ...
  • Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 2, Spring 1976 

    de Waard, Al; Latimer, Richard; Maciborka, Melanie; Roberts, Jessica (University of Calgary, Arts, Linguistics, University of Calgary, 1976-05)
    LOGOS, the student linguistics club at the University of Calgary is continuing their series of working papers. The contributions to this issue are from the undergraduates and graduates in The Department of Linguistics at ...
  • On Vegliote vowels 

    Latimer, Richard (University of Calgary, Arts, Linguistics, University of Calgary, 1976-05)
    Vegliote is, perhaps, the least known of the Romance languages. This language maintains its anonymity through the simple means of being extinct. However, Roger L. Hadlich, in his doctoral dissertation, posited a Serbo-Croatian ...
  • Relational grammar applied to Dutch 

    Beattle, Janet (University of Calgary, Arts, Linguistics, University of Calgary, 1976-05)
    One of the main contentions of Relational Grammar is that there are universal rules which underlie all of the languages of the world. It further states that each language chooses rules from the supply of available substantive ...
  • Developing a theory to account for symbolism in code switching 

    Fry, Ian W (University of Calgary, Arts, Linguistics, University of Calgary, 1976-05)
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the importance of symbolism in one face of language: code switching. While some attention will be given to bi-registral and bi-dialectal code switching, the chief focus will be ...
  • Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 28, Fall 2014 

    Jones, Jacqueline; MacDonald, Danica; Windsor, Joseph W. (University of Calgary, Arts, Linguistics, University of Calgary, 2014-09)
    No abstract available.

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