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  • On sarcomere length stability during isometric contractions before and after active stretching 

    Johnston, Kaleena; Moo, Engkuan; Jinha, Azim; Herzog, Walter (Kinesiology, University of Calgary, 2019-11-27)
    Sarcomere length (SL) instability and SL non-uniformity have been used to explain fundamental properties of skeletal muscles, such as creep, force depression following active muscle shortening and residual force enhancement ...
  • The natural initiation and progression of osteoarthritis in the anterior cruciate ligament deficient feline knee 

    Leumann, Andrè G.; Leonard, Timothy R.; Nüesch, Corina; Horisberger, Monika; Mündermann, Annegret; Herzog, Walter (Kinesiology, Human Performance Lab, University of Calgary, 2019-04)
    The aim of this study was to document the natural history of development and long-term progression of osteoarthritis (OA) in the feline knee after minimally-invasive anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) transection.
  • The mechanical and biochemical properties of tail tendon in a rat model of obesity: effect of moderate exercise and prebiotic fibre supplementation 

    Rios, Jaqueline Lourdes; Ko, Loretta; Joumaa, Venus; Liu, Shuyue; Diefenthaeler, Fernando; Sawatsky, Andrew; Hart, David A.; Reimer, Raylene A.; Herzog, Walter (Kinesiology, Human Performance Lab, University of Calgary, 2019-05-09)
    The worldwide trajectory of increasing obesity rates is a major health problem precipitating a rise in the prevalence of a variety of co-morbidities and chronic diseases. Tendinopathy, in weight and non-weight bearing ...
  • Knee confidence in youth and young adults at risk of post-traumatic osteoarthritis 3-10 years following intra-articular knee injury 

    Ezzat, A M; Whittaker, J L; Toomey, C; Doyle-Baker, P K; Brussoni, M; Emery, C A (Cumming School of Medicine, Environmental Design, Kinesiology, University of Calgary, Post-print, 2018-07)
    To examine differences in knee confidence between individuals with a history of youth sport-related knee injury and uninjured controls.
  • Analysis of serum cortisol to predict recovery in paediatric sport-related concussion 

    Ritchie, E V; Emery, C; Debert, C T (Kinesiology, Cumming School of Medicine, Clinical Neurosciences, University of Calgary, Post-print, 2018-02-05)
    To study the relationship between acute serum cortisol following pediatric sport-related concussion (SRC) and clinical outcome measures of symptom burden and length to return to sport (RTS) Methods: Prospective observational ...
  • Contribution of individual quadriceps muscles to knee joint mechanics 

    Han, Seongwon; Sawatsky, Andrew; Fontana, Heiliane de Brito; Herzog, Walter (Kinesiology, University of Calgary, Publisher's version, 2019-03)
    Many attempts have been made to determine the contribution of individual muscles in an agonistic group to the mechanics of joints. However, previous approaches had the limitations that muscles often could not be controlled ...
  • Absence of differences between male and female adolescents with prior sport concussion 

    Brooks, Brian L; Mrazik, Martin; Barlow, Karen M; McKay, Carly D; Meeuwisse, Willem H; Emery, Carolyn A (Wolters Kluwer, Cumming School of Medicine, Kinesiology, University of Calgary, University of Alberta,, Post-print, 2014-01)
    Sex differences following concussion are poorly understood. The purpose of this study was to examine whether male and female adolescent athletes with prior concussions differ regarding neurocognitive function and symptom ...
  • Subjective, but not objective, lingering effects of multiple past concussions in adolescents 

    Brooks, Brian L; McKay, Carly D; Mrazik, Martin; Barlow, Karen M; Meeuwisse, Willem H; Emery, Carolyn A (Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Kinesiology, University of Calgary,, 2013-09-01)
    The existing literature on lingering effects from concussions in children and adolescents is limited and mixed, and there are no clear answers for patients, clinicians, researchers, or policy makers. The purpose of this ...
  • Protective effect of prebiotic and exercise intervention on knee health in a rat model of diet-induced obesity 

    Rios, Jaqueline Lourdes; Bomhof, Marc R.; Reimer, Raylene A.; Hart, David A.; Collins, Kelsey H.; Herzog, Walter (Kinesiology, University of Calgary, 2019-03-07)
    Obesity, and associated metabolic syndrome, have been identified as primary risk factors for the development of knee osteoarthritis (OA), representing nearly 60% of the OA patient population. In this study, we sought to ...
  • Stiffness of Hip Adductor Myofibrils is decreased in Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy 

    Leonard, Timothy R.; Howard, Jason J.; Larkin-Kaiser, Kelly A.; Joumaa, Venus; Logan, Karl J.; Orlik, Benjamin; El-Hawary, Ron; Gauthier, Luke E.; Herzog, Walter (Elsevier, Kinesiology, Human Performance Lab, University of Calgary, IWK Health Centre, Halifax, Weill Cornell Medicine, Sidra Medicine, Qatar, Post-print, 2019-02-23)
    Cerebral palsy (CP) is the result of a static brain lesion which causes spasticity and muscle contracture. The source of the increased passive stiffness in patients is not understood and while whole muscle down to single ...

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