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  • Monomorphic Ventricular Tachycardia as a Presentation of Giant Cell Myocarditis 

    Chiu, Michael H.; Trpkov, Cvetan; Rezazedeh, Saman; Chew, Derek S. (2019-06-19)
    Background. Idiopathic giant cell myocarditis (GCM) has a fulminant course and typically presents in middle-aged adults with acute heart failure or ventricular arrhythmia. It is a rare disorder which involves T lymphocyte-mediated ...
  • The Experimental Investigation of Longmaxi Shale Dynamic Parameters under Water-Based Mud Soaking 

    Dong, Guangjian; Chen, Ping; Yuan, Heyi; Lu, Yudi (2019-06-23)
    Shale damage investigation is important in shale gas development. This paper is concerned with the experimental identification of ultrasonic wave velocities and damage mechanic parameters of Longmaxi shale under water-based ...
  • Relationship of muscle morphology to hip displacement in cerebral palsy: a pilot study investigating changes intrinsic to the sarcomere 

    Larkin-Kaiser, Kelly A; Howard, Jason J; Leonard, Timothy; Joumaa, Venus; Gauthier, Luke; Logan, Karl; Orlik, Benjamin; El-Hawary, Ron; Herzog, Walter (2019-06-21)
    Abstract Background Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common cause of childhood disability, typified by a static encephalopathy with peripheral musculoskeletal manifestations—most ...
  • Health care stakeholder perspectives regarding the role of a patient navigator during transition to adult care 

    Dimitropoulos, Gina; Morgan-Maver, Elizabeth; Allemang, Brooke; Schraeder, Kyleigh; Scott, Shannon D; Pinzon, Jorge; Andrew, Gail; Guilcher, Gregory; Hamiwka, Lorraine; Lang, Eddy; McBrien, Kerry; Nettel-Aguirre, Alberto; Pacaud, Daniele; Zwaigenbaum, Lonnie; Mackie, Andrew; Samuel, Susan (2019-06-17)
    Abstract Background Transition to adult care represents a vulnerable period for young people with special health care needs as they navigate multiple life transitions and ...
  • Impact of missing data on bias and precision when estimating change in patient-reported outcomes from a clinical registry 

    Ayilara, Olawale F; Zhang, Lisa; Sajobi, Tolulope T; Sawatzky, Richard; Bohm, Eric; Lix, Lisa M (2019-06-20)
    Abstract Background Clinical registries, which capture information about the health and healthcare use of patients with a health condition or treatment, often contain ...
  • An Evidence Based Approach to Supporting Library Staff Scholarly Communication Competencies 

    Murphy, James E.; Hurrell, Christie (Libraries and Cultural Resources, 2019-06-19)
    Scholars and students look to academic librarians and staff for advice about scholarly communication issues. As the first point of contact, it is essential to ensure staff are equipped to respond and direct patrons towards ...
  • Myocardial Infarction after Long-Term Treatment with a Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor (TKI) with Anti-VEGF Receptor Activity 

    Paschke, L.; Lincke, T.; Mühlberg, K.; Lindner, Tom H.; Paschke, R. (2019-06-10)
    TKIs including anti-VEGF receptor activity have been approved for the treatment of patients with radioiodine resistant thyroid carcinomas. For lenvatinib arterial thromboembolic events are listed as adverse events of special ...
  • Control of paratuberculosis: who, why and how. A review of 48 countries 

    Whittington, Richard; Donat, Karsten; Weber, Maarten F; Kelton, David; Nielsen, Søren S; Eisenberg, Suzanne; Arrigoni, Norma; Juste, Ramon; Sáez, Jose L; Dhand, Navneet; Santi, Annalisa; Michel, Anita; Barkema, Herman; Kralik, Petr; Kostoulas, Polychronis; Citer, Lorna; Griffin, Frank; Barwell, Rob; Moreira, Maria A S; Slana, Iva; Koehler, Heike; Singh, Shoor V; Yoo, Han S; Chávez-Gris, Gilberto; Goodridge, Amador; Ocepek, Matjaz; Garrido, Joseba; Stevenson, Karen; Collins, Mike; Alonso, Bernardo; Cirone, Karina; Paolicchi, Fernando; Gavey, Lawrence; Rahman, Md T; de Marchin, Emmanuelle; Van Praet, Willem; Bauman, Cathy; Fecteau, Gilles; McKenna, Shawn; Salgado, Miguel; Fernández-Silva, Jorge; Dziedzinska, Radka; Echeverría, Gustavo; Seppänen, Jaana; Thibault, Virginie; Fridriksdottir, Vala; Derakhshandeh, Abdolah; Haghkhah, Masoud; Ruocco, Luigi; Kawaji, Satoko; Momotani, Eiichi; Heuer, Cord; Norton, Solis; Cadmus, Simeon; Agdestein, Angelika; Kampen, Annette; Szteyn, Joanna; Frössling, Jenny; Schwan, Ebba; Caldow, George; Strain, Sam; Carter, Mike; Wells, Scott; Munyeme, Musso; Wolf, Robert; Gurung, Ratna; Verdugo, Cristobal; Fourichon, Christine; Yamamoto, Takehisa; Thapaliya, Sharada; Di Labio, Elena; Ekgatat, Monaya; Gil, Andres; Alesandre, Alvaro N; Piaggio, José; Suanes, Alejandra; de Waard, Jacobus H (2019-06-13)
    Abstract Paratuberculosis, a chronic disease affecting ruminant livestock, is caused by Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP). It has direct and indirect economic costs, impacts animal welfare and ...
  • Burden of disease from Helicobacter pylori infection in western Canadian Arctic communities 

    Fagan-Garcia, Katharine; Geary, Janis; Chang, Hsiu-Ju; McAlpine, Laura; Walker, Emily; Colquhoun, Amy; van Zanten, Sander V; Girgis, Safwat; Archie, Billy; Hanley, Brendan; Corriveau, Andre; Morse, John; Munday, Rachel; Goodman, Karen J (2019-06-11)
    Abstract Background Indigenous communities across the circumpolar north have elevated H. pylori (Hp) prevalence and stomach cancer incidence. We aimed to describe the Hp-associated ...
  • The built environment and active transportation safety in children and youth: a study protocol 

    Hagel, Brent E; Macpherson, Alison; Howard, Andrew; Fuselli, Pamela; Cloutier, Marie-Soleil; Winters, Meghan; Richmond, Sarah A; Rothman, Linda; Belton, Kathy; Buliung, Ron; Emery, Carolyn A; Faulkner, Guy; Kennedy, Jacqueline; Ma, Tracey; Macarthur, Colin; McCormack, Gavin R.; Morrow, Greg; Nettel-Aguirre, Alberto; Owens, Liz; Pike, Ian; Russell, Kelly; Torres, Juan; Voaklander, Donald; Embree, Tania; Hubka, Tate (2019-06-11)
    Abstract Background Active transportation, such as walking and biking, is a healthy way for children to explore their environment and develop independence. However, children ...

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