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  • MEDLINE: save and edit a search 

    Pawlick-Potts, Danica; Hayden, Katharine Alix; Ganshorn, Heather; Lee, Jennifer (Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, 2018-06-08)
  • The needs of researchers have changed 

    Hickerson, Tom; Reaume, Renee; Reiche, Ingrid; Alexander, Rob; Pival, Paul; Brosz, John (Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, 2018-02-06)
  • "But we don't do research like that anymore" 

    Hickerson, Tom; Brosz, John (Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, 2017-04-03)
  • Data Management Planning 

    Brosz, John (Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, 2018-05)
    Research data, whether made up of spreadsheets, interview transcripts, image collections, digital records, or other material, will be crucial to your career as a graduate student and researcher. Properly managing this data ...
  • MEDLINE: exporting searches as an RIS file 

    Potts, Danica; Hayden, K. Alix; Ganshorn, Heather (Libraries and Cultural Resources, 2018-04)
  • Jewish Women in the Canadian Second World War Military Forces 

    Lipton, Saundra (Association of Canadian Jewish Studies, University of Calgary, Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, Publisher's version, 2017-01)
    Writing on Jews in the Canadian forces focuses on the contributions of Jewish men with little or no acknowledgement of the service of Jewish women. Similarly, scholarship on Canadian women in the military forces of the ...
  • Don't get scammed in scholarly publishing! Avoiding predators and retaining rights 

    Hurrell, Christie; Johnson, Rowena (Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, Pre-print, 2018-03-19)
  • Best practices for sharing your OER with the world 

    Ruddock, Kathryn; Johnson, Rowena; Hurrell, Christie (Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, Pre-print, 2018-03-05)
    These are the slides from a workshop. Workshop description: Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual ...
  • Longing for Wilderness: The Human and the Other - Vis à Vis - in the Poetry and Poetics of Don McKay 

    Boyd, Melanie (University of Calgary, Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, 2008)
    Canadian poet, Don McKay, describes wilderness as “the placeless place beyond the mind’s appropriation.” Though ever elusive, a poet must seek this wilderness through “poetic attention” – “a sort of readiness, a species ...
  • Informal learning in the library; a student-based investigation 

    Beatty, Susan (University of Calgary, Libraries & Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, 2017-10)
    As part of a qualitative study on students’ perception and use of informal learning spaces in an academic library, students were asked to comment on their learning behaviours and the manner by which the spaces in the ...

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