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  • Review of Humanist geography: An individual’s search for meaning. Staunton, by Yi-Fu Tuan 

    Lenart, Bartlomiej A. (Nature and Human Life, Libraries and Cultural Resources, Publisher's version, 2014-04)
    Review of Yi-Fu Tuan. (2012). Humanist Geography – An Individual’s Search for Meaning. George F. Thompson Publishing. 181 pages.
  • Enlightened Self-Interest: In Search of the Ecological Self (A Synthesis of Stoicism and Ecosophy) 

    Lenart, Bartlomiej A. (Libraries and Cultural Resources, Publisher's version, 2010-07)
    Neass’ Ecosophy and the Stoic attitude towards environmental ethics are often believed to be incompatible primarily because the first is often understood as championing an ecocentric standpoint while the latter espouses ...
  • Automating geoprocessing tasks to create city wide layers 

    Truong, Renna (Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, 2019-03-04)
    Annually, Spatial and Numeric Data Services (SANDS) receives 434 Digital Aerial Survey (DAS) datasets, in AutoCAD format, from the City of Calgary. Each dataset covers an Alberta Township System (ATS) section (Figure 1) ...
  • Learning in Informal Library spaces: the value for students 

    Beatty, Susan (Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, 2017-07-31)
    The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between the space design of informal learning spaces in an academic library and student learning behaviours. As academic libraries improve their spaces and create ...
  • Bibliography of Peter Craigie 

    Lipton, Saundra (University of Calgary, 2008-01)
    Bibliography of Works by and about Peter Craigie
  • Midterm External Review Panel Discussion of the Academic Research and University Libraries: Creating a New Model for Collaboration research project 

    Hickerson, Tom; Alford, Larry; Dempsey, Lorcan; Eckman, Charles; Hemmasi, Harriette; Meredith-Lobay, Megan; Sutton, Shan (Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, University of Toronto, OCLC, University of Miami, Brown University, University of British Columbia, University of Arizona, 2018-05-17)
    Panel presentation on the project Academic Research and University Libraries: Creating a New Model for Collaboration funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The reviewers visited Calgary as part of a midterm external ...
  • The Evolving Taylor Family Digital Library 

    Hickerson, Thomas; Lippincott, Joan K. (Libraries and Cultural Resources, 2018-10-25)
    The Evolving Taylor Family Digital Library. Tom Hickerson interviewed by Joan Lippincott discussing the design and evolution of the Taylor Family Digital Library. The interview also includes other professional elements ...
  • A Century of Library Support for Teacher Education in Calgary 

    Brydges, Barbara (Education Division, Special Libraries Association, Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, Publisher's version, 2009-01)
    This paper traces the century-long history of a library that has served teacher preparation programs in Calgary, Alberta, since 1909. It looks at how this library’s role and collections adapted to shifting notions of what ...
  • Open Badges for demonstrating Open Access compliance: A pilot project 

    Hurrell, Christie; Pival, Paul; Ruddock, Kathryn (Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, 2018-10-10)
    This presentation will describe a pilot project to integrate Open Badges into a DSpace institutional repository. The Open Badge demonstrated that self-archived research articles complied with national funders’ Open Access ...
  • MEDLINE: save and edit a search 

    Pawlick-Potts, Danica; Hayden, Katharine Alix; Ganshorn, Heather; Lee, Jennifer (Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary, 2018-06-08)

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