Researchers in the Faculty of Science are involved in an impressive variety of fields – from astrophysics to zoology, nanotechnology to virtual reality, metabolomics to mathematics and much more!

In all cases, our faculty researchers, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students live up to the highest standards in their disciplines, seeking to expand human knowledge through curiosity, innovation, and discovery.

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  • Securing Smart Homes with OpenFlow 

    Frank, Mitchell; Ghaderi, Majid (Science, Computer Science, University of Calgary, 2019-10-10)
    The Internet of Things (IoT) trend is introducing additional devices to home networks. Home networks face the same threats as every other network. Recently, IoT devices have been compromised by attackers and used as staging ...
  • Logic and Operator Algebras 

    Golubeva, Kimberly (Science, Mathematics & Statistics, 2019-08-31)
    Before research had commenced, the nature and process of research in pure mathematics was as foreign to me as the actual topic of interest. Within the STEM fields, there is a definitive and formulaic notion of what research ...
  • Data Changes Everything: Challenges and Opportunities in Data Visualization Design Handoff 

    Jagoda Walny; Christian Frisson; Mieka West; Doris Kosminsky; Søren Knudsen; Sheelagh Carpendale; Willett, Wesley J. (Science, Computer Science, University of Calgary, 2019-08-01)
    Complex data visualization design projects often entail collaboration between people with different visualization-related skills. For example, many teams include both designers who create new visualization designs and ...
  • User Interface Design Patterns for Wildlife-Related Camera Trap Image Analysis 

    Greenberg, Saul; Godin, Theresa I.; Whittington, Jesse (Science, Computer Science, 2019-07-29)
    This paper describes and explains design patterns for software that supports how analysts can efficiently inspect and classify camera trap images for wildlife-related ecological attributes. Broadly speaking, a design pattern ...
  • Interview with James Terry re: Amnesia 

    Aycock, John (Science, Computer Science, 2019-07)
    This is an interview with James Terry, conducted via email between June 25-30, 2019. He created the King Edward system for Cognetics, the company that developed the game Amnesia, which was eventually released by Electronic ...
  • Interview with Don Daglow re: Amnesia 

    Aycock, John (Science, Computer Science, 2019-07)
    This is an interview with Don Daglow, conducted via email between January 13 and July 2, 2019. Besides being a noted game developer himself, he produced the game Amnesia while at Electronic Arts, which was released in 1986 ...
  • Interview with Charlie Kreitzberg re: Amnesia 

    Aycock, John (Science, Computer Science, 2019-07)
    This is an interview with Charlie Kreitzberg, conducted via email between March 8 and June 20, 2019. He ran and still runs Cognetics, now Cognetics Interactive, the company that developed the game Amnesia, which was ...
  • Illustrative Multivariate Visualization for Geological Modelling 

    Rocha, Allan; Mota, Roberta Cabral Ramos; Hamdi, Hamidreza; Alim, Usman R.; Sousa, Mario Costa (Wiley, Science, Science, Computer Science, University of Calgary, University of Calgary,, 2018-07-10)
    In this paper, we present a novel illustrative multivariate visualization for geological modelling to assist geologists and reservoir engineers in visualizing multivariate datasets in superimposed representations, in ...
  • Decal-Lenses: Interactive Lenses on Surfaces for Multivariate Visualization 

    Rocha, A. C. A.; Silva, J. D.; Alim, U. R.; Carpendale, S.; Sousa, M. C. (IEEE, Science, Science, Computer Science, University of Calgary, University of Calgary,, 2018-06-26)
    We present decal-lenses, a new interaction technique that extends the concept of magic lenses to augment and manage multivariate visualizations on arbitrary surfaces. Our object-space lenses follow the surface geometry and ...
  • Comparative Visualizations of Noisy and Filtered Blood Flow from 4D PC-MRI Cardiac Datasets 

    Khan, Fahim Hasan; Rocha, Allan; Alim, Usman (Science, Science, Computer Science, University of Calgary, University of Calgary, 2017-10)
    Modern phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging (PC-MRI) can acquire both cardiac anatomy and flow function in a single acquisition and deliver high quality volumetric and time-varying (4D) datasets which enable better ...

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