Researchers in the Faculty of Science are involved in an impressive variety of fields – from astrophysics to zoology, nanotechnology to virtual reality, metabolomics to mathematics and much more!

In all cases, our faculty researchers, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students live up to the highest standards in their disciplines, seeking to expand human knowledge through curiosity, innovation, and discovery.

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  • Interview with Bryan Dent re: Allenbach Industries 

    Aycock, John (Science, Computer Science, 2020-08)
    This is an interview with Bryan Dent, conducted via email between July 9-August 12, 2020. He worked for Allenbach Industries, which provided software duplication services for game companies and others in the 1980s.
  • Automated Image Recognition for Wildlife Camera Traps: Making it Work for You 

    Greenberg, Saul (Science, University of Calgary, 2020-01-12)
    You have likely heard about or read articles that apply automated image recognition to wildlife camera trap images. The basic idea is that the image recognition system will automatically analyze your images to locate and ...
  • Health Visualizations at Home: Who Sees What Where 

    Aseniero, Bon Adriel; Tang, Anthony; Carpendale, Sheelagh (University of Calgary, Science, Computer Science, University of Calgary, University of Calgary, publishedVersion, 2018-10-21)
    We conducted a qualitative study pilot to gather requirements for integrating health visualizations at home. We focused on finding dynamics between (1) people: who the visualizations are made for, and others who will see ...
  • Visualizing the 11th Classification of Diseases 

    Aseniero, Bon Adriel; Knudsen, Søren; Ghali, William A.; Carpendale, Sheelagh (Science, Computer Science, University of Calgary, University of Calgary, 2019-10-05)
    We designed and implemented an interactive artistic data visualization of the 11th International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11). Our visualization primarily showcases the structure of the ICD-11, showing how the ...
  • Interview with Scott Cronce re: Disclone 

    Aycock, John Daniel (Science, Computer Science, 2020-07)
    This is an interview with Scott Cronce, conducted via email between July 14-July 20, 2020, with follow-up questions via Zoom on July 21, 2020. He worked for Disclone, a service company that provided software duplication ...
  • Interview with Mark Raintree re: DisCopyLabs 

    Aycock, John Daniel (Science, Computer Science, 2020-07)
    This is an interview with Mark Raintree, conducted via email between July 14-July 19, 2020. He worked for DisCopyLabs, which provided software duplication services for game companies and others in the 1980s. DisCopyLabs ...
  • Interview with Peter Brown re: XEMAG 

    Aycock, John (Science, Computer Science, 2020-07)
    This is an interview with Peter Brown, conducted via email between June 29–July 7, 2020. He worked for XEMAG, a service company that provided software duplication and copy protection for, among others, the game company Activision.
  • Considering multiple anthropogenic threats in the context of natural variability: Ecological processes in a regulated riverine ecosystem 

    Sinnatamby, R. Niloshini; Mayer, Bernhard; Kruk, Mary K.; Rood, Stewart B.; Farineau, Anne; Post, John R. (Wiley, Science, Biological Sciences, University of Calgary, acceptedVersion, 2020-06-09)
    Rivers are among the most altered environments globally, but identifying which threats are responsible for observed biotic and abiotic changes is complicated by natural drivers of variation. The Bow River, Canada provides ...
  • Multi-Agent Simulations of Intra-colony Violence in Ants 

    Martin, Kit; Sengupta, Pratim (Springer, Other, Northwestern University, University of Calgary, 2020-06)
    This paper seeks to elucidate key aspects of a rarely-studied interaction in ant colonies -- intra-colony violence -- using multi-agent-based computational simulations. A central finding is that intra-colony violence is ...
  • The contribution of aqueous catechol-silica complexes to silicification during carbonate diagenesis 

    Escario Perez, Sofia; Nightingale, Michael; Humez, Pauline; Tutolo, Benjamin M. (J.GCA, Science, Geoscience, University of Calgary, 2020-04)
    Pore-filling and carbonate-replacing silica is exceedingly common in carbonates, but the fundamental geochemical mechanisms that drive these silicification reactions during diagenesis remain poorly understood. An existing ...

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