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  • Improving the Adoption of Transitions in Care Technology Between Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Departments: A Scoping Review Protocol 

    Sterzer, Frances; Caird, Jeff; Reay, Gudrun (Arts, Cumming School of Medicine, Graduate Studies, Nursing, The University of Calgary, 2022-05-12)
    Background: Previous research has shown that miscommunication during transitions in care between emergency medical services (EMS) and emergency departments can result in serious medical errors leading to adverse patient ...
  • Evaluation of the potential of glauconite in Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin for large-scale carbon dioxide mineralization 

    Zhang, Qin; Tutolo, Benjam.M. (Elsevier, Science, Geoscience,, acceptedVersion, 2022-04)
    Geologic carbon dioxide (CO2) storage is an essential and economical measure to mitigate global climate change. CO2 storage potential in sedimentary reservoirs is commonly passed over in favor of more reactive rock formations, ...
  • EvoIsland: Interactive Evolution via an Island-Inspired Spatial User Interface Framework 

    Ivanov, Alexander; Willett, Wesley; Jacob, Christian (Science, Computer Science, acceptedVersion, 2022-04-14)
    We present EvoIsland, a scalable interactive evolutionary user interface framework inspired by the spatially isolated land masses seen on Earth. Our generalizable interaction system encourages creators to spatially explore ...
  • Selective Separation of Polar Unsaturated Organics Using a Water Stationary Phase in Gas Chromatography 

    Marno, Amberley R.; Thurbide, Kevin B. (Springer, Science, University of Calgary,, acceptedVersion, 2022-01)
  • One Week in the Future: Previs Design Futuring for HCI Research 

    Ivanov, Alexander; Au Yeung, Tim; Blair, Kathryn; Danyluk, Kurtis; Freeman, Georgina; Friedel, Marcus; Hull, Carmen; Hung, Michael; Pratte, Sydney; Willett, Wesley (ACM, Science, Computer Science, University of Calgary,, acceptedVersion, 2022-03-10)
    We explore the use of cinematic “pre-visualization” (previs) techniques as a rapid ideation and design futuring method for human computer interaction (HCI) research. Previs approaches, which are widely used in animation ...
  • Resolution Adaptive Vector Rasterization in Discrete Global Grid Systems 

    Mirtabatabaeipour, Amirhossein; Hall, John; Samavati, Faramarz (Graduate Studies, Science, Computer Science, University of Calgary, 2022-02-25)
    Discrete Global Grid Systems (DGGS) are relatively new globe-based digital earth systems capable of integrating large geospatial datasets. In this report, we describe a new algorithm for rasterizing vector data to DGGS ...
  • Calgary - A Bee City 

    Summers, Mindi; Best, Lincoln; Robinson, Samuel; Seal, Michaela; Purvis, Emily; Vermaak, Sarah; Clarke, Arminty; Gavin, Michael; Miksha, Ron; Eggermont, Marjan (Science, Biological Sciences, University of Calgary, 2021-12-22)
    Visual summary of Calgary's native bee biodiversity and the 15 native plants found to support the greatest diversity of wild bees.
  • The Native Bee Fauna and its Floral Relations in The City of Calgary, Alberta 

    Summers, Mindi; Best, Lincoln; Seal, Michaela; Vermaak, Sarah; Robinson, Samuel; Gavin, Michael; Clarke, Arminty; Purvis, Emily; Miksha, Ron (Science, Biological Sciences, University of Calgary, 2021-12-22)
    This report summarizes work conducted as part of an Urban Alliance contract with The City of Calgary. We sought to further our knowledge of native bee species’ occurrence, and the floral relations of the diverse fauna found ...
  • Seasonal dynamics of methanotrophic bacteria in a boreal oil sands end-pit lake 

    Albakistani, Emad; Nwosu, Felix; Furgason, Chantel; Haupt, Evan; Smirnova, Angela; Verbeke, Tobin; Lee, Eun-Suk; Kim, Joong-Jae; Chan, Amelia; Ruhl, Ilona; Sheremet, Andriy; Rudderham, Sarah; Lindsay, Matthew; Dunfield, Peter (Science, Biological Sciences, Universtiy of Calgary, submittedVersion, 2021-11-29)
    Base Mine Lake (BML) is the first full-scale demonstration end pit lake for the oil sands mining industry in Canada. We examined aerobic methanotrophic bacteria over all seasons for five years in this dimictic lake. ...
  • Sulfolane as a novel stationary phase for analytical separations by gas chromatography 

    Darko, Ernest; Thurbide, Kevin B. (Elsevier, Science, Chemistry, University of Calgary,, acceptedVersion, 2021-11-06)
    Sulfolane is explored as a novel stationary phase for use in analytical separations by capillary column gas chromatography with flame ionization detection (GC-FID). Stainless steel capillaries were found to provide a good ...

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