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  • PixelClipper: Supporting Public Engagement and Conversation About Visualizations 

    Walny, Jagoda; Storteboom, Sarah; Pusch, Richard; Hwang, Steven Munsu; Knudsen, Søren; Carpendale, Sheelagh; Willett, Wesley J. (IEEE, Science, Computer Science, University of Calgary,, acceptedVersion, 2020-03)
    In this article, we present PixelClipper, a tool built for facilitating data engagement events. PixelClipper supports conversations around visualizations in public settings through annotation and commenting capabilities. ...
  • Active Control of Selectivity in Organic Acid Analysis by Gas Chromatography 

    Darko, Ernest; Thurbide, Kevin B. (Science, Chemistry, University of Calgary, acceptedVersion, 2020-03-04)
    A new method that allows organic acid selectivity to be dynamically controlled during gas chromatography (GC) is presented. It employs dual in-series stainless steel columns, each coated with a pH-adjusted water stationary ...
  • High Performance Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Based on Ba0.5Sr0.5Ce0.6Zr0.2Gd0.1Y0.1O3-? Proton Conducting Electrolyte 

    Amiri, Taghi; Singh, Kalpana; Sandhu, Navjot Kaur; Hanifi, Amir Reza; Etsell, Thomas H.; Luo, Jing-Li; Thangadurai, Venkataraman; Sarkar, Partha (The Electrochemical Society, Science, Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary,, publishedVersion, 2018-07-07)
    In this work, synthesis and characterization of an anode supported tubular solid oxide fuel cell based on Ba0.5Sr0.5Ce0.6Zr0.2Gd0.1Y0.1O3-? (BSCZGY) electrolyte has been investigated. Anode-supported Ni - yttria-stabilized ...
  • Chemically Stable Proton Conducting Doped BaCeO3 -No More Fear to SOFC Wastes 

    Kannan, Ramaiyan; Singh, Kalpana; Gill, Sukhdeep; Fürstenhaupt, Tobias; Thangadurai, Venkataraman (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, Science, Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary, publishedVersion, 2013-07-04)
    Development of chemically stable proton conductors for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) will solve several issues, including cost associated with expensive inter-connectors and long-term durability. Best known Y-doped BaCeO3 ...
  • Electrolyte selection for supercapacitive devices: a critical review 

    Pal, Bhupender; Yang, Shengyuan; Ramesh, Subramaniam; Thangadurai, Venkataraman; Jose, Rajan (Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Science, Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary,, publishedVersion, 2019-08-27)
    Electrolytes are one of the vital constituents of electrochemical energy storage devices and their physical and chemical properties play an important role in these devices' performance, including capacity, power density, ...
  • The synthesis and electrical properties of hybrid gel electrolytes derived from Keggin-type heteropoly acids and 3-(pyridin-1-ium-1-yl)propane-1-sulfonate (PyPs) 

    Narayanan, Sumaletha; Tong, Xia; Thangadurai, Venkataraman (Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Science, Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary,, publishedVersion, 2016-10-12)
    Herein, we report the effect of the proton concentration in polyoxometalates (POMs) upon hybrid formation with ionic liquids (ILs), and their ionic conductivity relationship to optimize their ionic conductivity. The hybrid ...
  • Comparative Evaluation of Coated and Non-Coated Carbon Electrodes in a Microbial Fuel Cell for Treatment of Municipal Sludge 

    Nandy, Arpita; Sharma, Mohita; Venkatesan, Senthil Velan; Taylor, Nicole; Gieg, Lisa; Thangadurai, Venkataraman (MDPI AG, Science, Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary,, publishedVersion, 2019-03-16)
    This study aims to provide insight into the cost-effective catalyst on power generation in a microbial fuel cell (MFC) for treatment of municipal sludge. Power production from MFCs with carbon, Fe2O3, and Pt electrodes ...
  • Trends in electrode development for next generation solid oxide fuel cells 

    Kan, Wang Hay; Samson, Alfred Junio; Thangadurai, Venkataraman (Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Science, Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary,, publishedVersion, 2016-11-10)
    High temperature electrochemical devices, such as solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), will play a vital role in the future green and sustainable energy industries due to direct utilization of carbon-based fuels and their ability ...
  • Correction: Synthesis and characterization of novel Li-stuffed garnet-like Li5+2xLa3Ta2?xGdxO12 (0 ? x ? 0.55): structure–property relationships 

    Basset, Dalia M. Abdel; Mulmi, Suresh; E-Bana, Mohammed S.; Fouad, Suzan S.; Thangadurai, Venkataraman (Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Science, Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary,, publishedVersion, 2017-06-15)
    Correction for ‘Synthesis and characterization of novel Li-stuffed garnet-like Li5+2xLa3Ta2?xGdxO12 (0 ? x ? 0.55): structure–property relationships’ by Dalia M. Abdel Basset, et al., Dalton Trans., 2017, 46, 933–946.
  • Effect of sintering temperature on microstructure, chemical stability, and electrical properties of transition metal or Yb-doped BaZr0.1Ce0.7Y0.1M0.1O3?? (M = Fe, Ni, Co, and Yb) 

    Mirfakhraie, Behzad; Ramezanipour, Farshid; Paulson, Scott; Virss, Viola; Thangadurai, Venkataraman (Frontiers Media SA, Science, Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary,, publishedVersion, 2014-03-13)
    Perovskite-type BaZr0.1Ce0.7Y0.1M0.1O3?? (M = Fe, Ni, Co, and Yb) (BZCY-M) oxides were synthesized using the conventional solid-state reaction method at 1350–1550°C in air in order to investigate the effect of dopants on ...

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