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Recent Submissions

  • Mobilizing Global Knowledge: Refugee Research in an Age of Displacement 

    McGrath, Susan; Young, Julie E. E. (University of Calgary Press,, Social Work, Geography, York University, University of Lethbridge,, 2019-09)
    In 2018, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees documented a record high 71.4 million displaced people around the world. As states struggle with the costs of providing protection to so many people and popular ...
  • A Samaritan State Revisited: Historical Perspectives on Canadian Foreign Aid 

    Donaghy, Greg; Webster, David (University of Calgary Press,, History, Bishop's University, 2019-08)
    Canada’s foreign aid programs are an area of ongoing interest, yet there is little knowledge of Canada’s 70-year aid history, the historic forces that have shaped Canadian aid policy, and the many complex factors that ...
  • La Confédération, 1864-1999: nouvelles perspectives 

    Heidt, Daniel; Coates, Colin MacMillan (University of Calgary Press,, York University, 2019-07)
    On associe souvent le 1er juillet 1867 à la date de la Confédération canadienne, le jour de naissance du nouveau pays. Mais le processus ne faisait que s’amorcer en 1867. Du petit dominion aux frontières restreintes, le ...
  • The Politics of Violence in Latin America 

    Policzer, Pablo (University of Calgary Press,, Latin American Research Centre, University of Calgary, 2019-07)
    Latin America is one of the most violent regions in the world. It has suffered waves of repressive authoritarian rule, organized armed insurgency and civil war, violent protest, and ballooning rates of criminal violence. ...
  • Protest and Democracy 

    Arce, Moisés; Rice, Roberta (University of Calgary Press,, Arts, Political Science, University of Calgary, University of Missouri, 2019-06)
    In 2011, political protests sprang up across the world. In the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, the United States unlikely people sparked or led massive protest campaigns from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street. These ...
  • Intertwined Histories: Plants in Their Social Contexts 

    Ellis, Jim (University of Calgary Press,, Calgary Institute for the Humanities, University of Calgary, 2019-05)
    How do we understand the boundaries of individual creatures? What are the systems of interdependency that bind all living creatures together? Plants were among the the first to colonize the planet. They created the soil ...
  • Imperial Standard: Imperial Oil, Exxon, and the Canadian Oil Industry from 1880 

    Taylor, Graham D. (University of Calgary Press,, History, Trent University, 2019-04)
    For over 130 years, Imperial Oil dominated Canada’s oil industry. From Petrolia to Turner Valley, Imperial was always nearby and ready to take charge. Their 1947 discovery of crude oil in Leduc, Alberta transformed the ...
  • Orange Chinook: Politics in the New Alberta 

    Bratt, Duane; Brownsey, Keith; Sutherland, Richard; Taras, David (University of Calgary Press,,, Economics, University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, 2019-01)
    In 2015, the New Democratic Party won an unprecedented victory in Alberta. Unseating the Progressive Conservatives -- who had won every provincial election since 1971 -- they formed an NDP government for the first time ...
  • Rocking P Ranch and the Second Cattle Frontier in Western Canada 

    Chattaway, Clay; Elofson, W. M. (University of Calgary Press,,, History, 2019-01)
    The Rocking P Ranch was one of the most ambitious family ranches in Southern Alberta. Founded in 1900 by Roderick Riddle Macleay, the Rocking P flourished during the Second Cattle Frontier as open-range Texas System ranches ...
  • Scattering Chaff: Canadian Air Power and Censorship during the Kosovo War 

    Bergen, Bob (University of Calgary Press,,, Centre for Military, Security & Strategic Studies, 2019-02)
    Most Canadians know little, if anything at all, about the role of the Canadian Air Force in the 1999 Kosovo Air War. Yet lives were at put at stake as mission dedication and military skill were pushed to the limit. Some ...

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