The work of the Werklund School of Education is learning. Research is an engaging way of learning what is not already yet known, or probing what is already known but in new ways. Within the Werklund School of Education, the research conducted by our professors and students is incredibly diverse.

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  • Feeling My Way Through Gendered and Racialized Spaces: Lessons from a Local Football Advertisement 

    Jubas, Kaela (Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary,, 2020-04-01)
    In this article, I present my analysis of an advertisement for a local professional football team. Central premises here include the conceptualization of adult learning as occurring holistically in the course of everyday ...
  • Extemporaneous Lessons on Place, Space, and Identity: Graffiti as a Pedagogical Disruption 

    Jubas, Kaela; Lenters, Kimberly (University of Saskatchewan, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary,, 2019-06)
    In this interdisciplinary article, we employ scholarship from educational studies, cultural studies, geography, and sociology. We use graffiti texts we have encountered ourselves in places where we have lived or visited ...
  • Issues and Problems in Educational Surveillance 

    Parnther, Ceceilia; Eaton, Sarah Elaine (Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, St. John's University (New York), 2021-06-23)
    In this presentation, we provide insights into our research on equity, diversity, and inclusion as they relate to academic integrity. We focus specifically on surveillance technologies such as e-proctoring (also known as ...
  • The Virtual Future Panel - IRACDA 2021 

    Rojas Villa, Sebastian; Kording, Konrad; Eaton, Sarah Elaine; Larivière, Vincent; Lo, Stanley (Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, 2021-06-29)
    This panel was hosted by the Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Awards (IRACDA) 2021 conference, held online. Abstract: Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic upended our lives. We were forced to abruptly ...
  • Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Writing & Educational Ethics 

    Eaton, Sarah Elaine; Mindzak, Michael; Morrison, Ryan (Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, 2021-06-01)
    Paper presented at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) 2021 - Canadian Association for the Study of Educational Administration (CASEA) (June 1, 2021) The purpose of this paper is to provide a theoretical ...
  • Cognitive Apprenticeship in Online Teaching and Learning with Education Students 

    Delanoy, Nadia; Mosher, Ronna (Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, 2021-05-08)
    In this vignette we share our work surrounding cognitive apprenticeship as it applies to online graduate and bachelor level learning and the instructor's experiences. We also delve into the literature to underscore the ...
  • Instructors and Graduate TAs: A Vibrant Teaching and Learning Community 

    Pletnyova, Anna (Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, 2021-05-09)
    This vignette discusses the author's experiences of work as a graduate TA and an instructor during her doctoral program, focusing on areas important for success in these two roles. The author argues that regular communications, ...
  • Formative Assessment Strategies in Online Courses 

    Dressler, Roswita (Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, 2021-05-08)
    In this video I discuss formative feedback in graduate online classes based on a study of my own teaching practice. I asked the graduate students to write a research proposal and, after completing a short project, a research ...
  • A Collaborative Instructor and TA Approach to Online Teaching and Learning 

    Delanoy, Nadia; Chen, Danni (Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, 2021-05-05)
    This vignette presents the reflections of Instructor Dr. Nadia Delanoy and Teaching Assistant (TA) Danni Chen on a semester-long collaborative approach to teaching and learning. We hope this reflection provides insight ...
  • Universal Design Principles in Higher Education 

    Sabbaghan, Soroush (Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, 2021-05-08)
    This vignette outlines online course design principles that provide multiple entry points for learning so that students, with all their diversities, can adapt activities to fit their needs, emergent abilities, and interests. ...

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