The goal of this Symposium on skeletal muscles is to promote a scientific exchange of ideas on the highest level in a small setting with ample time for discussion and informal interaction. Scientifically, skeletal muscle contraction and function will be addressed at all structural levels, varying from single actin-myosin interactions to the function and control of muscles during voluntary contractions in humans. This program will require some tolerance, as biophysicists working on the molecular level have a different view of muscles than physiologists working on the single fibre level, or biomechanists working in a clinical rehabilitation setting with human patients.

Recent Submissions

  • Proceedings of the 4th Rocky Mountain Muscle Symposium 

    Joumaa, Venus; Hessel, Anthony; Nishikawa, Kiisa; Millard, Matthew; Han, Seong-won; Bell, Kaylyn; Leonard, Tim; Corr, David; Swank, Douglas; Corvelyn, Marlies; Sahani, Ridhi; Mazara, Nicole; Moo, Eng Kuan; Lieber, Rick; Kaya, Motoshi; Granzier, Henk; Oldshue, Ashley; Adkins, Amy; Loya, Amy; Boldt, Kevin; Desloovere, Kaat; Fukutani, Atsuki; Martino, Giovanni; De Beukelaer, Nathalie; Horslen, Brian; Agten, Anouk; Costamagna, Domiziana; Lee, Sabrina; Schwaner, Marie Janneke; Abbott, Emily; Binder-Markey, Benjamin; Siebert, Tobias; Lin, David; Fontana, Heiliane de Brito; Daley, Monica; Hahn, Daniel; Evangelidis, Pavlos; Knaus, Katherine; Smith, Ian; Deloovere, Kat; Kawakami, Yasuo; Hodson-Tole, Emma; Oliveira, Liliam; Ichinose, Hoshizora; Tillin, Neale; Raiteri, Brent; Seiberl, Wolfgang; Vaz, Marco; Cruz-Montecinos, Carlos; Griffiths, Robert; MacIntosh, Brian; Lourdes Rios, Jacqueline; Bossuyt, Fransiska (Kinesiology, University of Calgary, 2019-07-27)
    Proceedings from the 4th Rocky Mountain Muscle Symposium, Canmore Nordic Centre, July 27-29, 2019