Mapping Research in Teacher Education in Canada

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Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE)
This volume developed as a result of the first Working Conference on Teacher Education in Canada, held in Winnipeg in 2007. Along with general essays on teacher education, topic areas of discussion that appear as sections in the volume include (a) teacher governance, policy, and the role of the university; (b) aboriginal teacher education and aboriginal perspectives in teacher education; (c) understanding of practices in teacher education related to diversity, identity and inclusion, and demographic change (d) the nature, role and place of field experiences in teacher education and relationships with schools; (e) the education and professional development of teacher educators, and; (f) teacher education program reform and development.
Fallkenberg, T., & Smits, H. (Eds.). (2008). Mapping research in teacher education in Canada: Proceedings of the Working Conference on Research in Teacher Education in Canada Winnipeg, 1-3 November, 2007. Canadian Association of Teacher Education.