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dc.contributor.authorKizel, Arie
dc.identifier.citationKizel, A. (2021). Philosophy with children as a way of overcoming the "shadow adults cast over childhood" and the "pedagogy of fear." International Journal of Fear Studies, 3(2), 13-24.
dc.description.abstractThis article introduces two ideas with contractive affects and effects the - "shadow adults cast over childhood" and the "pedagogy of fear". These act to order and frame the conceptual problems that the traditional educational system poses. There is an offering solution, one that is based on a Philosophy with/for Children (PwC/P4C). While both limit and contract the space children inhabit, PwC/P4C is an active, dynamic pedagogy that illuminates the child's world.
dc.publisherIn Search of Fearlessness Research Institute
dc.publisherThe Fearology Institute
dc.rightsArie Kizel ©2021
dc.subjectprogressive education
dc.titlePhilosophy With Children as a Way of Overcoming the "Shadow Adults Cast Over Childhood" and the "Pedagogy of Fear"
dc.typejournal article
dc.publisher.facultyWerklund School of Education
dc.publisher.hasversionPublished version

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Arie Kizel ©2021