A Multi-Purpose Continuum Robot for Minimally Invasive Surgery

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This thesis is about ''A Multi-Purpose Continuum Robot for Minimally Invasive surgery'' which consists of five chapters. It starts with an Introduction and Literature Review that studies some of the most famous surgical robotic systems and analyses their pros and cons. Chapter two has to do with the problem statement and challenges that need to be addressed while designing our specific surgical tool, and a CAD design of a flexible continuum robot will be done for our brain surgery application. In chapter three, the kinematic modeling of the proposed robot is analyzed by a new model based on the Euler spirals and the results are compared with conventional constant curvature models. In chapter four, a model predictive control algorithm is proposed that considers the input saturation constraints on robot actuators. Finally, a discussion and conclusion will be provided in chapter five.
Medical Robotics, Continuum Robots, Model Predictive Control
Esfandiari, M. (2023). A multi-purpose continuum robot for minimally invasive surgery (Unpublished master's thesis). University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.