Investigations into the use of a computer as an artistic medium

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This thesis is based on the belief that science and art are not necessarily 'two cultures', but can be combined successfully as a result of their inescapable influences upon each other. A justification of this position is presented with emphasis on artistic investigations using the computer. The machine's merits are viewed not only as a means of mass communication or of producing pictures, but also as a potential modelbuilder for the formalization of aesthetic concepts . The work completed was concerned with the possibilities inherent in using computer plotted output to answer questions similar to those which an artist poses in manual drawings or paintings, particularly the question of 'readability of surface'. The answers to such questions are not unique but the purpose of the system was to find an answer using computer output. An account of the program parameters and methods used to produce the plotted drawings is given and the results discussed. A pilot investigation into the development of an interactive system for the purpose of examining basic Design concepts (the word design will, throughout the thesis, be capitalized when used to refer to the area of Fine Art known as Design) was begun and is outlined and discussed. Finally the thesis conclusions are brought forward and recommendations made for future developments. The work has fulfilled the expectations of the artist for stimulation from new alternatives and for generating a type of drawing that could not be produced by hand. The results are encouraging in their support of the interrelationship between science and art.
Bibliography: p. 93-94.
Sveinson, N. L. (1979). Investigations into the use of a computer as an artistic medium (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from doi:10.11575/PRISM/15191