A child's world: the design of a day care centre for the University of Calgary

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The objective of the Ma ster's Degree Project is to demonstrate proficiency in design through the schematic design of a Day Care Centre for sixty children for the University of Calgary. The design of the Centre is based on a Facility Programme (Appendix I), developed in part from the Recommendations for Child Care Centres by Gary T. Moore, et al, of the University of Wisconsin and in part from the spec1f1c requirements of the University of Calgary Day Care Centre administration. The design is developed to the schematic level and is described graphically by a site plan, a floor plan, two sections, four elevations, an exterior perspective, three interior perspectives and a typical wall section. The text accompanying the drawings describes the intent of the design under the headings of function, form and context. Concepts such as 'Age-Related Places', 'Home Clusters', 'Play Precincts', 'Open Circulation', and 'Modified Open Plan' have contributed to the functional organization of the building. The form is generated primarily by a hexagonal geometry, an intimate indoor-outdoor connection and concepts related to zoning and image. The proposal also responds to contextual issues such as topography, existing vegetation, orientation, adjacent land use, services and access.
Bibliography: p. xxxiv.
Palmer, M. G. (1981). A child's world: the design of a day care centre for the University of Calgary (Unpublished master's thesis). University of Calgary, Calgary, AB. doi:10.11575/PRISM/21029