Strathcona assembly: a design proposal

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This Master1 s Degree Project examines the design problems involved in the development of a large scale, religious facility, located on 21. 7 acres adjacent to the residential district of Strathcona Heights in southwest Calgary, Alberta. It consists of four major design components: a sanctuary, administrative offices, a social hall, and education facilities. The complex is intended to serve not only its membership, but the surrounding community as well. The building requirements are a synthesis of information gathered by the author in an earlier study. The proposed design addresses the following central issues and guidelines: ( 1) to furnish a design solution which accommodates the slate of needs posed by this religious institution; 2 to offer suggestions as to the role that a religious institution could play in a community; ( 3) to design a building that synthesizes the major design components into a workable and aesthetically pleasing religious facility; ( 4) to integrate the building enclosure, structural system, HVAC system and utilize passive energy-conserving techniques at a principle level. The design concept is described and accompanied by drawings and i 11 ustration s.
Bibliography: p. 89-92.
Ollerenshaw, R. F. (1986). Strathcona assembly: a design proposal (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from doi:10.11575/PRISM/11633