Ringbom-Stirling engine simulation and parametric study

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A commercially available second-order isothennal Stirling engine simulation program was modified for operation on a Commodore Pet micro-computer. In its original form, the program was arranged for both single and double-acting dual piston Stirling engines with air, helium or hydrogen as the working medium. Sinusoidal piston and displacer motions were assumed, Modifications of, and extensions to, the program were intro­duced to facilitate simulation of Ringbom-Stirling engines, a distinctive class of Stirling engines characterized by a free dis­placer and a crank controlled piston. Parametric studies were carried out using the modified simulation program to assess the consequences of modifications to the principal design parameters. The "standard case" selected for in­vestigation was the single cylinder Ringbom Stirling engine under development at the University of Calgary for the Transportation Development Centre, Transport Canada, Montreal. Results of the parametric study carried out indicated that the power output of the engine is governed by the overdriven mode theory of the Ringbom-Stirling engine.
Bibliography: p. 85-88.
Srinivasan, V. V. (1983). Ringbom-Stirling engine simulation and parametric study (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from https://prism.ucalgary.ca. doi:10.11575/PRISM/17016