Howard Brenton's The Churchill play: a director's analysis

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Howard The Churchill Play is a study of repression and its possible causes. It is set against apolitical background but is concerned with a class struggle in England that has hypothetically escalated into a situation in which members of the working class have been detained without trial. The play explores the effects of the detention camp on all those involved, from the detainees to the elite ruling class. This production concentrates upon the people involved rather than upon the political aspects of the script. The play could easily degenerate into apolitical diatribe if not dealt with carefully. The political ramifications have been explored in the preliminary work in order to illuminate the attitudes. For the same reason, the research delves into background, examines the influence of class and social conflicts and provides a psychological interpretation of the characters. The objective of this written section of the thesis is to provide the reader with a theoretical approach to the production. The final chapter covers some of the difficulties that a director might encounter in a future production.
Bibliography: p. 106-107.
Henry, D. A. (1984). Howard Brenton's The Churchill play: a director's analysis (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from doi:10.11575/PRISM/18902