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Title: One year review of Casino Windsor
Authors: Ontario Casino Corporation
KPMG Management Consultants
Keywords: Gambling -- Ontario;Casinos -- Ontario
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: Publications Ontario
Abstract: The scope of this review is to assess the impacts of the first year of operation of Casino Windsor on Windsor, Essex County, and Ontario. The review includes detailed assessment of economic, community, and policing impacts. After the introduction, this review document describes operations impacts (value-added, employment, and government revenues generated from operating expenditures made by the casino and its suppliers); impacts due to incremental tourist spending, i.e. spending outside the casino by tourists whose primary purpose was to visit the casino; impacts on neighborhoods, social assistance, problem gambling, and other legal gaming activities such as bingo and lotteries; and policing impacts in the context of public safety and security both inside and outside the casino. Appendices include descriptions of estimation procedures and a glossary.
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