Starship astronaut as rational egoist

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The thesis is an argument for the existence of the starship astronaut, focusing attention on the essential, metaphysical premise that man's life and survival is made possible by the faculty of reason. From this fundamental attribute of man's nature as a living, conscious, rational being - along with the derived morality of man as a thinking, making being - is argued the conclusion that the human, rational, egoistic purpose is to grow and become the man who is the astronaut. The astronaut is the man who continually extends the discovery of truth and creation of beauty forward and upward, toward the new life-giving reasons for living - reaching for the next star. The man who lives in a starship is a rational, starship astronaut. This thesis is an argument in support of Astronautics: an application of the philosophy of Objectivism to the goals of the astronaut, to conclude that the creation of starship is man's moral right - the right to choose to think and work for his life's happiness.
Bibliography: p. 173-181.
Pon, M. (1985). Starship astronaut as rational egoist (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from doi:10.11575/PRISM/18562