Fluctuations in serum iron with high-intensity exercise

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Much work has been done on the chronic effects of exercise and the development of iron deficiency. However, few investigators have assessed the acute effects of exercise on serum iron. A series of experiments were designed to isolate and evaluate the effects of short- duration, high-intensity exercise. Subjects were male physical education students, well-trained biathletes and elite speedskaters. The exercise stimulus was 1 or 2 30-second supramaximal bouts on a cycle ergometer. Physical education students showed one of two distinct responses to the exercise. Group A demonstrated an increase in serum Fe and a decrease in α₁AT. Group B demonstrated an acute inflammatory 1 response to the same exercise with a decrease in serum Fe and an increase in α₁AT. The correlation coefficient for these two variables for experiments 3-7 inclusive was -0.83. No difference was seen between the two groups for the measures of glycolytic capacity, mean power output over 30 seconds and peak blood lactate concentration. Well- trained and elite athletes showed a tendency toward the group A response. However, an aerobic training program carried out by physical education students increased aerobic capacity by 15%, without affecting the serum Fe response to high-intensity exercise. A short-term anaerobic training program which did not affect mean power output or peak blood lactate, did produce a shift of subjects showing a group B response to a group A response. The results suggest that there is a biochemical response to exercise indicative of inflammation which is altered by high-intensity training, but which is also distinct from existing measures of anaerobic and aerobic capacity. This response is suggested to be affected by the total volume of stress exerted upon an individual at any given time. Elicitation of an inflammatory response may thus depend upon the tolerance of an individual to stress, as determined by previous exposures to stress.
Bibliography: p. 107-116.
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