An analysis of headquarters location in the Canadian oil and gas sector

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Headquarters location theory identifies several factors which are expected to influence the location of corporate head offices. Some of these factors directly affect the costs of operation and basic profitability of the company, such as the cost of office space, tax levels, the availability of a qualified labour, the cost oflabour, the proximity to corporate activities, and the agglomeration with other services and companies. This study applies headquarters location theory to Canada's energy sector. During the last 27 years, the concentration of energy company headquarters has shifted from Toronto to Calgary. The regression model developed here tests the extent to which those factors identified in the literature appear to be statistically significant for the headquarters relocation experience in Canada's energy sector. The results of the tests suggest that certain factors do appear to significantly influence relocation decisions. Interviews conducted with recently relocated energy companies correspond closely to these conclusions.
Bibliography: p. 121-124.
Hirsch, K. T. (1993). An analysis of headquarters location in the Canadian oil and gas sector (Unpublished master's thesis). University of Calgary, Calgary, AB. doi:10.11575/PRISM/21636