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Title: The characterization of fibrous sheath and outer dense fiber proteins of the rat sperm tail
Authors: Fitzgerald, Carolyn
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: The aim of this study was to further characterize three prominent proteins of the rat sperm tail, ODF14, FS14 and Spag5. FS14 and ODF14 were used to generate antibodies which were subsequently affinity-purified and used to screen a rat testicular cDNA library. Two cDNAs were isolated (designated 1017 and 1038) and it was determined that 1017 was homologous to mouse ornithine decarboxylase antizyme 3. However, it was found that 1038 resulted from a chimeric mRNA, consisting of sequences from two different chromosomes. Spag5 was originally thought to be testis-specific and was identified due to its interaction with Odf1 using the yeast two hybrid system. Knock-out studies revealed no significant phenotype in mice and spag5 was found to be 73% similar to the human mitotic spindle protein, Astrin. We found that in spermatogenesis Spag5 does not appear to localize to either the axoneme or the meiotic spindle, but instead associates with ODF. In mitotic cells it colocalizes with Astrin in the mitotic spindle and the cytoplasm of rat IEC-18 cells.
Description: Bibliography: p. 116-124.
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