Gambling : views from the social sciences

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CONTENTS: Preface - William R. Eadington and Jame H. Frey; Legal Regulation of Gambling Since 1950 - G. Robert Blackey; The Casino Gambling Industry: A Study of Political Economy - William R. Eadington; Police Regulation of Illegal Gambling: Frustrations of Symbolic Enforcement - Peter Reuter; A Zoning Merit Model for Casino Gambling - Jerome H. Skolnick; Casino Gambling: Issues of Development and Redevelopment - Joseph Rubinstein; Significant Influences on the United Kingdom Casino Industry Since 1960 - Nigel Kent-Lemon; Management Policy and Practices in Modern Casino Operations - Dean M. Macomber; The Social and Economic Impact of State Lotteries - H. Roy Kaplan; Gambling: A Sociological Review - James H. Frey; Gambling as Play - James F. Smith and Vicki Abt; The Psychology as Gambling - Igor Kusyszyn; Pathological Gambling: Roots, Phases, and Treatment - Henry R. Lesieur and Robert L. Custer; The Professional Gambler: Fame, Fortune, and Failure - David M. Hayano; Sports Betting - George Ignatin.
This is a special issue on gambling that appears in Volume 474, July 1984 of the Annals of The American Academy of Political and Social Science. Editors for this issue are James H. Frey and William R. Eadington.
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