Public-izing infrastructure: an urban ball/park in Portland, Oregon

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Sport venues are changing, but in the case of baseball, the approach has been to modernize past examples instead of look to the future. While a number of recent ballparks have gone back to urban centres, the movement towards a more appropriate response to the current conditions of today's urban society has not been made. This project specifically considered the case of Portland, Oregon and the city's desire to build a major league ballpark. Through an understanding of the social and economic issues associated with ballparks and baseball in the urban environment as well as the analysis of the three precedent studies, specific design principles and strategies (scale, boundaries, connections) were embraced as a foundation for the analysis of the site and the design of an urban ballpark in Portland. The goal of the project became to incorporate community program into the structure of the ballpark, trying to make a ballpark multi-use in the way in which it incorporates a variety of program apart from a typical ballpark. The intention of the design is to create a ballpark typology which is an active 24-hour hub of community use and ballpark, where a large private baseball facility is able to be used throughout the year, by a variety of user groups and activities.
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Brygidyr, C. G. (2004). Public-izing infrastructure: an urban ball/park in Portland, Oregon (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from doi:10.11575/PRISM/19803