The Three Sisters mountain village: meeting the criteria for sustainability

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Currently in the early phases of construction, the Three Sisters Mountain Village is a major resort development within the Town of Canmore that is anticipated to double the community's population in the next ten to fifteen years. The approval process for the development has been lengthy and surrounded by public concern over the magnitude of the project and the environmental impact it will have. The goal of this MDP is to create a feasible strategy for reducing the negative environmental impacts of the Three Sisters Mountain Village. The strategic planning model is applied as the primary framework for critically assessing the development. Through the first step in the strategic planning model, the site analysis, gaps between the developers' actions and the developers' vision of being the most environmentally responsible resort in Rocky Mountains are identified. The following stages of the strategic planning model provide a systematic approach to establishing environmental goals and objectives consistent with the developers' vision statement, and highlighting the most effective actions to take by focusing on key priorities. The environmental initiatives that are recommended address stormwater management, energy and water conservation, air quality, and the sustainable selection of materials. Finally, indicators of sustainability are explored as a means of measuring the success of the developers in achieving their vision. The indicators and thresholds are selected to guide the developers in moving toward being the most environmentally responsible among their peers and provide an initial basis for comparison to other communities. Key Words: Environmental impact, environmental sustainability, development, strategic planning model, goals, indicators.
Bibliography: p. 174-187
Antonelli, A. (2004). The Three Sisters mountain village: meeting the criteria for sustainability (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from doi:10.11575/PRISM/20164