Sports dressing room environment | a 'workspace' for athletes

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The role of a modern professional athlete is more complex then ever before; they are expected and demanded to perform at their highest level on a daily basis. Accomplishing this requires the implementation of the most advanced tools available to them. High-tech equipment, advanced physical training methods, and sport psychology are common elements in creating a high performance athlete. However, the environment which they spend the most time in, the dressing room, has been forgotten and left untouched. In allowing them to succeed in their sport, this preparation area and personal station must provide for their every physical and psychological need. As a result, an environment that addresses these issues must be supplied. Consequently, the goal of this Master's Degree Project (MOP) is to create an adequate workspace that meets the physical and socio-psychological needs of professional athletes. More specifically, aspects of privacy, comfort, storage, and space will be considered in developing a final design. The design process will involve a background research, analysis of player needs, and design developments.
Bibliography: p. 123-124.
Inoue, A. (2003). Sports dressing room environment | a 'workspace' for athletes (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from doi:10.11575/PRISM/16203