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Title: Modeling eSecurity Risk: Illustrated in the RASCHR-PPP Context.
Authors: Matson, Merv
Keywords: Alberta;Privacy;Technology;Policy
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: RightsMarket Inc.
Citation: Matson Merv. 2002. Modeling eSecurity Risk: Illustrated in the RASCHR-PPP Context. Calgary, AB: RightsMarket Inc. Presented at the Telehealth Summer Research Institute held at the University of Calgary in 2002.
Abstract: The presentation will provide an overview of qualitative information security risk modeling, relate that risk modeling to the RASCHR-PPP projects context and beyond, and help to further understand persistent security and how this defense affects the risk model.
Description: Presented by Merv Matson, Chairman and Founder of RightsMarket Inc at the Telehealth Research Summer Institute 2002 hosted by the Health Telematics Unit at the University of Calgary.
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