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Title: Osmium-Fixed and Epon-Embedded Whole Mounts of Delicate Specimens
Authors: Cavey, Michael J.
Cloney, Richard A.
Keywords: Biology
Issue Date: 1973
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing
Citation: Michael J. Cavey, Richard A. Cloney "Osmium-Fixed and Epon-Embedded Whole Mounts of Delicate Specimens" Trans. Amer. Micros. Soc., 92(1): 148-151 1973
Abstract: Osmium-fixed and Epon-embedded whole mounts of delicate specimens. An osmium fixative and an epoxy mountant were used to prepare delicate organisms and tissues as whole mounts for light microscopy. Fine structural details are well preserved by the technique, and common artifacts of whole mount preparation are largely eliminated. The final specimens are suitable as bright field objects or as phase/quasi-phase objects.
ISBN: 0003-0023
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