Tetracycline Labeling Studies of Calcification in Nemertean Worms

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Calcification of the stylet apparatus in nemertean worms was investigated by fluorescence microscopy following incubation of living specimens in sea water solutions of tetracycline. the synthesis of nail-shaped stylets that contain calcium phosphate, and the composition of the granular basis that anchors the central stylet tot he worm's pro-boscis, wer examined in five species of nemerteans belonging to the order Hoplonemertea. After a two-week treatment with either tetracycline-HCI or chlortetracycline, the basis appeared intensely fluorescent in all specimens. Such observations, coupled with results from electron microprobe analyses, indicate that the basis is calcified. None of the developing stylets, however, exhibited fluorescence after incubation in tetracycline. Hypotheses acounting for the lack of tetracycline labeling by stylets are discussed.
Stephen A. Stricker, Michael J. Cavey, Richard A. Cloney "Tetracycline Labeling Studies of Calcification in Nemertean Worms" Trans.Am. Microsc. Soc., 104(3): 232-241. 1985