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Title: Lotteries and the arts : the Canadian experience 1970-1980
Authors: Research & Evaluation Canada Council
Keywords: Privately operated lotteries;Government lottery corporations;Arts funding
Issue Date: Jul-1982
Publisher: Research & Evaluation Canada Council
Abstract: Originally published August 24, 1981; revised July 1982. Including this introduction the report consists of seven parts. The second provides a brief world overview and history of lotteries with emphasis on the British and American experience. The third part provides a review of the Canadian experience with emphasis on the debate leading to legalization in 1970. The fourth part provides a review of lotteries ten years after in 1980 with an emphasis on the growth and magnitude of lotteries. The fifth provides a review of government operated lotteries and their support to the arts. The sixth provides a review of privately operated lotteries and their support to the arts. The seventh part provides conclusions of the authors concerning the stability and accountability of lotteries as well as their use and abuse in support to the arts.
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