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Title: Hydrous Oxide Film Growth on Amorphous Ni-Co Alloys
Authors: Birss, Viola I.
Lian, K. K.
Keywords: Chemistry;Analytical chemistry
Issue Date: 1991
Publisher: The Electrochemical Society
Citation: Lian, K. K. and Birss, V. I. (1991). "Hydrous Oxide Film Growth on Amorphous Ni-Co Alloys". Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol. 138(10): 2877-2884.
Description: “© The Electrochemical Society, Inc. 1991. All rights reserved. Except as provided under U.S. copyright law, this work may not be reproduced, resold, distributed, or modified without the express permission of The Electrochemical Society (ECS). The archival version of this work was published in Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 1991, Vol. 138(10).”
ISSN: 0013-4651
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