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Title: A Lightweight Framework for Exchanging Web Data
Authors: Mesquita, Filipe
Barbosa, Denilson
Cortez, Eli
da Silva, Altigran S.
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 14-Aug-2007
Abstract: We propose a lightweight framework for data exchange that is suitable for non-expert and casual users sharing data on theWeb and/or through peer-to-peer systems. Unlike previ- ous work, we consider a minimalistic data model and schema formalism that are suitable for describing online data and propose algorithms for mapping such schemas as well as for translating the corresponding instances. Also our solution requires minimal overhead and setup costs (e.g., we consider data stored in tables, XML or CSV files) comparing to ex- isting data exchange systems, making it very attractive in our setting. We report experimental results indicating that our method works well with real Web data from various do- mains.
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