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Title: The design and simulation of a multi-computer network message processor
Authors: Unger, Brian W
Bidulock, D.S.
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Feb-1981
Abstract: This paper describes a simulation language and its application to the design of a multicomputer network message processor. The language, called OASIS, provides a programming environment which facilitates the development of distributed software. Modular software, computer system hardware models, and the simulated execution of this software by the hardware models can be defined within OASIS. The network message processor supports bidirectional data transmission among terminals, host computers, and other network message processors. A modular design of this network message processor is implemented by a local network of five microcomputers communicating over a time shared bus. In this paper, OASIS is used to develop system software before network message processor hardware is available.
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Unger, Brian W

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