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Title: The Use of Harr-like Features in Bubblegrams: a Mixed Reality Human-Robot Interaction Technique
Authors: Young, James E.
Sharlin, Ehud
Boyd, Jeffrey E.
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 15-Feb-2006
Abstract: We present the application of a vision algorithm based on Harr-like features in Bubblegrams - a new mixed reality-based human-robot interaction (HRI) technique. Bubblegrams allows humans and robots working on collocated synchronous tasks to interact directly by visually augmenting their shared physical environment. Bubblegrams uses comics-like interactive graphic balloons or bubbles that appear above the robot s body and allow intuitive interaction with the robot. Users wear light-weight mixed reality goggles that integrate displays and a camera, allowing the user to view and interact with the physical environment as well as with the virtual Bubblegrams interface linked to the robot s body. In order to efficiently link Bubblegrams in real-time to the physical robot we implemented a vision algorithm based on Harr-like features which is the main topic of this paper. This paper briefly details the design of the Bubblegrams interface, the hardware and software we use for the current prototype, and the full details of the vision algorithm.
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Boyd, Jeffery

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