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Title: Robot Expressionism Through Cartooning
Authors: Young, James E.
Xin, Min
Sharlin, Ehud
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 31-Oct-2006
Abstract: We present a new technique for human-robot interaction called robot expressionism through cartooning. We suggest that robots utilise cartoon-art techniques such as simplified and exaggerated facial expressions, stylised text, and icons for intuitive social interaction with humans. We discuss practical mixed reality solutions that allow robots to augment themselves or their surroundings with cartoon art content. Our effort is part of what we call robot expressionism, a conceptual approach to the design and analysis of robotic interfaces that focuses on providing intuitive insight into a robotic state as well as artistic quality of interaction. Our paper discusses a variety of ways that allow robots to express cartoon art, and details a test bed design, implementation, and preliminary evaluation. We describe our test bed, Jeeves, which uses a Roomba, an iRobot vacuum cleaner robot, and a mixed-reality system as a platform for rapid prototyping of cartoon-art interfaces. Finally, we present a set of interaction content scenarios which use the Jeeves prototype: trash roomba, the recycle police, and clean tracks, as well as initial user evaluation of our approach.
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