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Title: Save 'Em: Hands-On Gameplay
Authors: Watts, Cody
Sharlin, Ehud
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2007
Abstract: We present Save Em, an augmented reality-based computer game designed to explore the universal challenge of making computer games more immersive, entertaining and fun. As in the classic computer game Lemmings, Save Em is based on maneuvering a group of slow-witted characters called Dudes through a treacherous maze. Using augmented reality techniques, Save Em places virtual game entities directly within the player s physical environment; gameplay takes place on a real game board rather than on a computer screen, and Dudes are being led to their destiny directly through the physical actions of the player in the real world. We use Save Em to explore how moving game interaction from the virtual domain into the physical world using augmented reality can affect gameplay and players overall game experience. Preliminary findings based on a number of informal Save Em sessions demonstrate the potential of this approach.
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