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Authors: Birtwistle, Graham
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Nov-1981
Abstract: This manual gives a complete documentation for Demos, a Simula-hosted, process-based, discrete event simulation language. Demos extends Simula by providing several new process synchronisations, unobtrusive data collection, random number generation with guaranteed well-spread seeds, tracing and automatic reports. Demos is coded entirely in Simula and is running on DEC 10, DEC 20, IBM 370, UNIVAR 1100, Cyber and ICL hardwares. Since Demos is process-based, it is particularly well-suited to computer system and computer network modelling, and for the specification and design of systems software. A complete listing of Demos and some twenty programs and their outputs are given as appendices. The Demos system is available from the author.
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