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Title: Time-ordered forward deduction with negation evaluation strategy revised
Authors: Xiao, Zhonge
Cleary, John
Unger, Brian W
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Jul-1998
Abstract: This is the third report on "Time-ordered Forward Deduction" algorithm for Starlog. The negation evaluation part of the algorithm has been modified extensively based on experiments with previous implementations and further study. The new algorithm is optimistic in terms of its negation evaluation strategy. The notion of \fBOpen Tuple\fR and related \fBNegation Failure Bound Splitting (NFBS)\fR method are introduced. A complete definition of the new algorithm is given, it treats the execution of a program in a more consistent and uniform manner and does not involve any semantic aspects of a program. It is our belief that a formal proof of the algorithm is not too difficult.
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Unger, Brian W

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