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Authors: Greenberg, Saul
Rounding, Michael
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 14-Sep-2000
Abstract: The Notification Collage (NC) is a groupware system where distributed and co-located colleagues comprising a small community post media elements onto a real-time collaborative surface that all members can see. Akin to collages of information found on public bulletin boards, NC randomly places incoming elements onto this surface. People can post assorted media: live video from desktop cameras; editable sticky notes; activity indicators; slide shows displaying a series of digital photos, snapshots of a person's digital desktop, and web page thumbnails. User experiences show that NC becomes a rich resource for awareness and collaboration. Community members use it to indicate their presence to others by posting live video onto it. They regularly act on this information by engaging in text and video conversations. Because others can overhear these conversations, these become opportunities to join in. They also post items they believe will be interesting to others, such as vacation photos. People also use NC somewhat differently when it is displayed on a large public screen than when it appears on a personal computer. Under the covers, the system works by propagating and storing information through a combined shared dictionary/notification server architecture.
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