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Authors: Gutwin, Carl
Stark, Gwen
Greenberg, Saul
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-May-1995
Abstract: Real-time educational groupware systems are multi-user computer applications that allow physically separated learners to work together in a shared virtual space at the same time. These systems do not yet provide the rich communication and awareness that are possible in a face-to-face learning situation. One of the elements lacking in these systems is group awareness - the up-to-the-minute knowledge that is needed to work or learn with another person. This paper describes our initial investigations into computer support for group awareness. We present a framework for thinking about the awareness requirements of collaborative learning situations, and then we organize group learning situations in terms of group awareness. From the framework, we have designed and built several awareness widgets for educational groupware that can be used in the networked classroom and in distance learning. These widgets help learners maintain awareness of other learners' locations when their views are separated, of other learners' activities in shared and separate view situations, and of other learners' past activities in out-and-back collaboration.
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