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Authors: Greenberg, Saul
Boyle, Michael
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Aug-1998
Abstract: We are investigating how people move from individual to group work through the use of both personal digital assistants (PDAs) and a shared public display. Our scenario of this work covers the following activities. First, individuals can create "personal" notes on their PDAs. Second, when individuals meet in real time, they can selectively "publicize" notes by moving them to a shared public display. Third, the group can manipulate personal and public items in real time through both PDAs and the shared public display, where the notes contained on both PDAs and public display are automatically synchronized. Finally, people leave a meeting with a (more or less) common record of their activity. We describe a fully implemented system called SharedNotes that illustrates how people move through this scenario. We also highlight a variety of design issues.
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