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dc.contributor.authorGreenberg, Sauleng
dc.contributor.authorFitzpatrick, Geraldineeng
dc.contributor.authorGutwin, Carleng
dc.contributor.authorKaplan, Simoneng
dc.description.abstractHeuristic evaluation is a rapid, cheap and effective way for identifying usability problems in single user systems. However, current heuristics do not provide guidance for discovering problems specific to groupware usability. In this paper, we take the Locales Framework and restate it as heuristics appropriate for evaluating groupware. These are: 1) Provide locales; 2) Provide awareness within locales; 3) Allow individual views; 4) Allow people to manage and stay aware of their evolving interactions; 5) Provide a way to organize and relate locales to one another. To see if these new heuristics are useful in practise, we used them to inspect the interface of Teamwave Workplace, a commercial groupware product. We were successful at identifying the strengths of Teamwave as well as both major and minor interface problems.eng
dc.subjectComputer Scienceeng
dc.titleAdapting the Locales Framework for Heuristic Evaluation of Groupwareeng
dc.publisher.corporateUniversity of Calgaryeng
dc.description.notesWe are currently acquiring citations for the work deposited into this collection. We recognize the distribution rights of this item may have been assigned to another entity, other than the author(s) of the work.If you can provide the citation for this work or you think you own the distribution rights to this work please contact the Institutional Repository Administrator at digitize@ucalgary.caeng
dc.identifier.doi Scienceeng

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