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Title: The Interactive Dialogue Driver: a UNIX tool
Authors: Hill, David R.
Irving, Graham
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Nov-1983
Citation: Hill, D.R. & Irving, G. (1984) "The Interactive Dialogue Driver: a UNIX tool." Research Report 83/140/29. 1st November 1983 (Presented at: CIPS Session 84, Calgary, May 9-11, 303-317 (Conference)).
Abstract: This paper reports initial results in a project whose objective is to provide suitable tools for interactive dialogue design and implementation in the UNIX Version 4.2 operating system environment. The Interactive Dialogue Driver (IDD) is a terminal-oriented dialogue design and implementation aid that allows the user easy access to the system facilities needed to circumvent normal UNIX input/output control, and manage real-time interaction. It also supplies a framework and language for structured dialogue design that has the potential to provide portability for applications and to allow different styles of interface to run on the same basic applications package.
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